Welcome to Holistic Therapeutic Massage. My name is Fabien Raymondaud (Dip. T.M) and I have made it my mission at the Natural Health Centre in Shrewsbury to help people reconnect their minds and bodies. Read on if you wish to know more about what my approach can do for you.

Restoring balance and harmony

The sense of touch and being touched with respect and care is of fundamental importance to our physical and emotional growth from the moment of birth, yet its therapeutic and medical value is underestimated. Therapeutic massage is a powerful method of restoring balance and harmony through touch and is suitable for you regardless of age.

Treats the whole person

Massage treats the whole person, not just the condition, working with the skeletal muscles, underlying organs and systems. This encourages the release of toxins and has a beneficial effect on the circulatory, nervous and immune systems.

Enjoyable and relaxing

Massage is enjoyable and relaxing to receive, although some discomfort may be felt at times as tired, aching muscles are worked on. This creates an opportunity for letting go both in mind and body.

Release long-term patterns of holding

Over time, massage teaches you how to release long-term patterns of holding, both physical and emotional, leading to a greater understanding and ease with your body. Emotional patterns are reflected in the body’s muscular holding as massage helps us to ease this, we can create changes in our relationship to life.

What can massage treat?

Therapeutic medical massage is helpful for many conditions including stress, asthma, back pain, bowel disorders, circulatory conditions, depression, frozen shoulder, headaches, heart conditions, high blood pressure, M.E., arthritis, stiff and sore muscles and joints. It can also bring relief and comfort to those with cancer, M.S., Parkinson’s Disease and other illnesses.

What people say

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Holistic Therapeutic Massage
For the last 15 years, with a busy job and family, I have trusted massage therapy to improve my general health and wellbeing and for stress management, muscle relaxation and joint alignment, and digestive health. I’ve been lucky enough to experience many different therapists and Fabien is one of the very best. He has a natural healing touch and consults closely with you to find out where the aches and pains and other issues might be. He is also experienced with sophisticated methods like Tibetan singing bowls and semi-precious stones which take body massage to a higher level altogether.
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