The treatment

Massage gives us the opportunity to switch off for a while and let go. As muscles relax and circulation returns to normal, digestion, breathing and posture improve. This has the further effect of gradually restoring balance and good health to the body’s internal organs. As our cells are stimulated, massage helps strengthen the whole body. Besides alleviating symptoms, patients often report an improvement in general well being, energy levels and sleep patterns.

What does treatment involve?

In order for the massage, to be really effective, safe and holistic, the practitioner takes a detailed case history, noting symptoms and medical history and lifestyle, enabling a better understanding of how the symptoms may have developed and allowing an appropriate treatment to be given. Your practitioner will discuss a treatment plan with you, and at each appointment ask how things are progressing. The aim is to relieve the current symptoms, improve underlying health and help the body function better in all respects.


Booked session are a minimum of 60 minutes duration to include interview, undressing, dressing time and 40 minutes “hands on” therapy. Cost £40

If you wish to have a 60 minute hands on session, I charge £60. Please allow up to 80 minutes for consultation.

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